Grocery Shopping Workbook
  • Grocery Shopping Workbook

    You may have seen the grocery shopping guide, but have you heard about our new workbook!?


    How many times do you go to the grocery store and just feel overwhelmed?

    You want to eat healthier, make smarter choices but you have no idea how. 

    You settle on a meal plan, because it's easiest just to have someone to tell you what to do, but you still want to make better choices at the store. For you, for your spouse, for your kids. 


    This workbook not only tells you about better choices but teaches you HOW to make them on your own. 


    We go section-by-section through the grocery store, telling you what to look for. There are several activities throughout the workbook to put your new knowledge into action BEFORE you get into the concrete jungle of the store. 


    Sections include:

    - Produce

    - Dairy, meat and seafood

    - Breads 

    - Frozen foods

    - Smart snacking

    - Artificial sweeteners and more! 

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