When the Munchies Don't Quit

Do you ever have the insatiable munchies? Ya know... the ones where you just can’t get enough You constantly are going back to the fridge or pantry, getting yet another snack, even if you know you’re not hungry.

Well, turns out there might be a reason. The next time you find yourself in this boat, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Are you hungry?

  2. Are you thirsty?

  3. Are you procrastinating a chore?

  4. Are you feeling some type of emotion (like stress or anxiety)?

  5. Are you forcing yourself not to eat a food you’re craving?

Are you hungry? My go to tool for this is the hunger-fullness scale. This scale is quick and easy, so you can use it anytime, anywhere! Simply take a moment to pause, figure out where you are on the scale, and make a decision based on your result.

Are you thirsty? Thirst can sometimes be disguised as hunger- especially in cold environments when it can be challenging to drink enough water without some extra cues. Use the pee test to identify if you’re dehydrated. Check out the scale from Research Gate to see where you're at!

Are you procrastinating a chore? Eating can be a form of procrastination. Think about it... the last time you had a task you didn’t want to do, did you use a meal or snack to put it off? Maybe the task was cleaning or helping the kids with online school or running an errand. Are you feeling some type of way? Maybe you’re stressed, so you reach for some crunchy foods to stimulate your mind and release some tension. Maybe you’re sad, so you reach for something cold and creamy that doesn’t take a lot of effort to eat. Are you forcing yourself not to eat a food you’re craving? Speaking of cold and creamy ice cream... do you restrict certain foods? Maybe you’ve been craving a food lately, but you tell yourself you can’t have it. You end up eating everything under the sun just to avoid eating that one food you crave. Sometimes you need to just satisfy the dang craving. So next time you’re thinking, “GAHH I JUST CANT GET FULL!” use these questions to figure out why.

About the Author: Mary-Catherine is a registered dietitian, military spouse, and dog mom. She is the owner of Busy Babes Nutrition.

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