The Greatest Wealth is Health: A Personal Story

Roman poet Virgil once said, "The greatest wealth is health."

I took my health for granted until I suddenly and unexpectedly lost my mom at 16 years old.

Until then, I was obsessed with what my body looked like. I had near zero self-esteem, no self-confidence, and I was starving my body just so I could look the same as the popular kids.

Then a missed cancer diagnosis took my mom.

It's funny, really, because weeks before we were laughing at an online article on “Foods That Cause Cancer” and saying that, well, dang near everything causes cancer so what's the point?

But there is a point. And that point is that WE are in control.

When it comes to our our health, genetics is only one piece of the puzzle. Research actually suggests that genetics accounts for just 25% of your health.

Other factors contribute to our health - environment, lifestyle, daily choices...

In terms of the environment, think about it this way:

If you have a fish, and the water is dirty, the fish will get sick. Instead of giving up on the fish, you simply replace the water (and probably put in a new filter).

In today's culture, diet culture is the dirty water. It tells us we aren't good enough. It makes us obsess over our weight. It makes us feel guilt and shame around food choices, stuck in the endless cycle of restriction --> finally eating the food --> overindulging --> feeling like crap --> restricting again.

Today, I challenge you to get rid of that dirty water once and for all.

In fact, I am building a community of ex-dieters who want to LOVE their bodies to create this ideal environment for you - no guess work required.

Will you join us in taking control of your health?

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