Pickiness = Privilege

Updated: Mar 22

Pickiness is a matter of privilege

I’m being brave in sharing this blog post. I know it may make you think twice, BUT I’m writing it because it’s important and I know it can be a POSITIVE influence for a lot of you.

I can’t tell you the number of times I hear my mom clients say, “My kids are so picky!”

Or “My husband won’t eat that.”

Or perhaps the most common: “I feel like I’m making 2-3 meals per night because my kids/husband won’t eat what I’m making.”

Listen up, girlfriend.

This making 230948203498 meals a night NEEDS TO STOP.

Pickiness is a matter of privilege.

If you give the option for your family to say no AND you offer to make them something else, you’re fueling the pickiness.

Next time they don’t like a meal, politely allow them to step away from the table without providing another alternative.

This will

1) Help them expand their palates

2) Decrease your stress level!

3) Save money on groceries

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