• Mary-Catherine Stockman

Understanding Expiration Dates

Are you worried about having enough food during the quarantine?⠀ One way to avoid food waste is to make sure you are reading and understanding expiration dates properly.

“Best if used by” or “sell by” or “freeze by” are dates found on many labels, from meat and poultry to eggs and beans. The only REGULATED expiration date is baby formula. These dates indicate when food is of the best QUALITY. Except for baby formula, dates are NOT an indicator of food safety. SAY WHAT?! This means you most likely DO NOT have to throw it away if the date passes. Of course, there are always exceptions to the rules. If you have opened the package or picked up already prepped food - such as some dishes from Natural Selection - other food safety rules apply. Understanding that dates often indicate quality and not food safety can help reduce food waste and ensure that everyone has access to nutritious food during the quarantine.

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