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“The most important factor to consider is what will work for you long term,” says Mary-Catherine LaBossiere, RD. “The method you choose should be something you can implement for a while, so you don’t crash and burn and continue a yo-yo dieting cycle.” 

“Wellness is whole body health that requires nourishing your body with good nutrition, your mind with positive self-talk, and your spirit however feels best for you.” - Mary-Catherine (Stockman) LaBossiere
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In this episode, Mary-Catherine gives tips on how to combat emotional eating, how to throw away the mindset of restrictive eating, and so much more. 

Using food to respond to emotions is common.

In fact, over 1 in 3 people report emotional eating – and this number has only increased during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Maker Monday with special guest Mary-Catherine LaBossiere talking about nutrition and how to make a healthy plate!

"Instead of waiting for dinner with a grumbling stomach, allow yourself to munch on some appetizers," says Stockman. "Crunchy veggies are a great low-calorie option that can satisfy hunger pangs quickly."

Mary-Catherine talks about how to manage emotional eating during times of high stress 

MSOF's Health and Fitness Program is designed to connect special operations family members to a variety of health and fitness expertise. It is a space to ask a questions to experts who understand the challenges unique to special operations.

In her guest blog article, Mary-Catherine talks about becoming a military spouse entrepreneur and the 10 must do's when starting a healthcare business.