Learn how to eat like a human being again

Hi, I'm Mary-Catherine. I help busy women live healthier lives by ditching diets and creating sustainable habits. 

And I'm here to help YOU, too! 

Are you tired of starting something, just to fall off the bandwagon and fail?


We've all done it. We start something that we're not fully confident we can accomplish. Why?

We don't set ourselves up for success.

When was the last time you actually achieved a goal you set? 

Maybe you said you'd eat healthier. Maybe you said you'd exercise more. Did you?

If you didn't, you failed because:

You didn't have what you needed:

  • Self-awareness of what's really holding you back (take our free quiz!)

  • A team to back you

  • Accountability

  • To know these habit changes were worth it.

  • To celebrate the small wins


Where you went wrong:

  • You became discouraged because you weren't seeing results.

  • This discouragement lead you to wait for the next "perfect time" to start. I mean, who wants to start on a weekend or halfway through the month when you can get a fresh start on a Monday or the first day of the month.

  • You set yourself up to fail

Busy Babes Nutrition offers individualized nutrition coaching to help you with habit implementation, accountability, and troubleshooting!

Start seeing the success you've been missing out on all these years!

"This was absolutely the best decision I have made for me. The meetings are very friendly and conversational, while still being filled with so much information. All of the information was explained in a way that I understood, without feeling like I was being talked down to. I really appreciate that everything was done in steps instead of all at once."

— Kristi R.

"Busy Babes is the most helpful and amazing thing I discovered whenever I moved to TN. With the military we move a lot and I was surprised I found such a good teacher and program! She’s really passionate about what knows and wants to spread! She’s easy to talk to about food without telling you what to do!"

— Ariel T.

How Our Coaching Services Work

Initial Consult 

During your first 75-minute call with your registered dietitian, we will work together to get clear on where you’re starting, where you’d like to be, and HOW to get there. This call ensures you get the MOST out of your coaching experience. 

Follow Up Coaching Calls

Once we establish your goals for working with each other, we will create a schedule of 30-minute follow-up calls. During these sessions, we will address specific areas of your lifestyle and set clear, measurable goals. Need some examples of what this looks like? Maybe right now, you're eating fast food 5 days a week. During one of our follow up sessions, we may discuss healthier options at those fast food restaurants and also set a goal to decrease the frequency to just 3 days a week. This is all about taking small, tangible, sustainable steps. 

Accountability and Tracking App Access

Access to food and mood tracking journals, with Fitbit integration for activity and sleep tracking. You can also take it a step further and record your measurements, vitals, and bowel movements to help you stay accountable to your goals! Available through web browser and free smartphone application.

Interim Messaging Support

Unlimited text access to registered dietitian through a free app for accountability and troubleshooting. Have a quick question? At the grocery store and not sure the healthier choice? Shoot your registered dietitian a message! This platform is HIPAA-compliant, which ensures the utmost privacy and security. Available through web browser and free smartphone application.

Meal Plans

Personalized meal plans are customized to your health goals, medical conditions, and taste preferences. Meal plans can be scaled to feed the whole family!

Meal plans are available a la carte or as add-on to nutrition coaching.

Learn more here.