Are you ready to have CONTROL over food?

To break free of emotional eating?

To stop the cycle of restriction then overeating, with no middle ground?


It’s time to feel

EMPOWERED around food.

You CAN keep ice cream in your freezer and not eat it all in one sitting.
Empowered Eating helps you do that!

An online course that gives YOU the power over your food choices, that takes you from feeling out of control, exhausted, and overwhelmed to feeling confident, calm, and free around food.

Hi! I'm Mary-Catherine

Ten years ago I was in your shoes. I was desperate for a solution, trying any and everything to stop the yo-yo dieting cycle. I hated what I saw when I looked in the mirror and felt guilty about what was on my plate.

Food prisoner no more! I finally have a loving relationship with food (minus the hate, frustration, shame, and guilt). I eat what I want, when I want, including that bowl of cereal I just had for dinner. Why? Because I was craving it.

I am so incredibly passionate about helping women like you break free of food rules and restrictive diets. I put together this course with client input so that you have the tools you need to feel empowered around food. No more quick fixes that don’t last!

  • Life is not meant to be lived worrying and obsessing about foods 24/7.

  • Your relationship with food doesn’t have to be this way.

  • You can want your cake and eat it, too – without the guilt and shame.

  • Eating doesn’t have to be a frustrating activity.

  • Food shouldn’t dominate your life like this.

  • You CAN have the power to make choices about food while feeling calm, free, and at ease.  

Kristi R. 

This was absolutely the best decision I have made for me. It no longer feels like something I HAVE to do, it's something I WANT to do and actually look forward to. I can't thank you enough for everything you've taught me!

Colorful Donuts

Jacquelyn K. 

My biggest accomplishment is probably my confidence level and my relationship with food! My mindfulness and shifts are incredible!




To make (someone) stronger and more confident, especially in controlling their life

This course is for you if you want to...

  • Feel peace around food

  • Stop destructive, emotional eating

  • Learn about and honor your hunger and satiety cues

  • Find your sweet spot between a restrictive diet and free for all, out of control eating

  • Learn how to nourish your body

  • Build trust with your body

  • Experience freedom and calmness around all types of foods

  • Embrace joyful movement

What Comes in the Course?

  • 9 video modules with text on screen plus a special BONUS module on navigating emotional eating during COVID

  • Journal prompts to help you identify your emotional eating triggers and ways to overcome them

  • Fun activities to put the shared emotional eating tools and strategies into practice

  • A compilation of free fitness resources

  • A guide to free stress management resources

  • Free 1:1 coaching session with me!

  • Access to an app that helps you track food and mood, including the ability to track your hunger and fullness levels!

Why you need this course...

Food isn’t meant to take up all your energy…

Overeating. Stress eating. Emotional eating. Out of control eating.

Image by Dev Asangbam

This isn’t how your relationship with food should be. Ya know… that love/hate relationship.

One minute you need that bowl of ice cream, then your eyes meet the bottom of the carton and you hate it. You hate yourself.

One second you need that hamburger, the next you’re regretting the fries you ate with it. That guilt just takes over.

That constant love/hate relationship is exhausting. You try to work on it, but it’s hard. You feel like you’re spinning your wheels, losing control over your mind and your body. Just when you think you finally made peace with a food, some stressor comes up and you’re back at ground zero.

Image by Zachary Kadolph

“It’s fine,” you tell yourself unconvincingly. “I’ll start again tomorrow”

Then tomorrow comes and you do great at breakfast, maybe even lunch. “Hey, this isn’t so bad!” you think. Until…

The afternoon slump hits and you’re just craving those carbs and sugar. You cave. You get the donut and the bag of chips. You mindlessly eat them until one second…

“SH**! I did it again.” And that frustration sweeps across your mind yet again. You gave in, you ruined the streak.

Suddenly your “good” day turns bad. You feel pathetic. You can’t even make it through a full day without feeling stressed about food choices. But whatever, you’ll start again tomorrow. Might as well throw today away… let’s finish it off with some fast food on the way home and a tub of ice cream to console the heartache from the donut earlier that sabotaged your perfect day.

You go to bed feeling exhausted, defeated, and physically stuffed but not still not emotionally satisfied. In fact, you’re drained. But hey, you’ll start again in the morning.

And the next day is just like the last. A perfect breakfast. Perfect lunch. Then BAM. Stress hits again, and you’re reaching for that treat.

 Young Woman Contemplating

Maybe this isn’t your day to day. Maybe it’s your weekdays that are great, and your weekends where you comfort yourself with the words “cheat day” just to avoid the anguish that comes with eating.

Whatever the cycle… You’re stuck in it like a hamster in its wheel.

You feel powerless around food.

Well, girlfriend, it's time to TAKE CONTROL

with the Empowered Eating Course!

Why this is better than other programs...

First of all, this mini course was created by someone who was in your shoes in the past. I understand where you’re starting and I’ve experienced (and am living) where you want to be. All information in this course is evidence-informed, so you can be sure there are no gimmicks. Also, I know that everyone learns in different styles (seeing, hearing, doing). To accommodate that, I’ve presented the materials in this mini course in many ways, including video modules with text on screen so you can see, hear, and read at the same time and learn how you learn best!

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Frequently Asked Questions

So... Are you ready to ditch out-of-control eating FOR GOOD?

Cherry Pie

When does Empowered Eating start and finish?

All of the modules open one at a time.  This course is self-paced, though, so you can start and finish on your own schedule!

French Fries

As long as the mini course is running, you have access to all of the modules! This includes any future updates or additions.

As long as the mini course is running, you have access to all of the modules! This includes any future updates or additions.

How long will I have access for?

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Will I lose weight?

We focus on whole body function and getting your mind right around foods. Many times, when I work with clients on rewiring their brain in terms of food, clients experience weight loss. This mini course is not designed to specifically help you lose weight. It is meant to heal your relationship with food, so that you never have to feel bad or diet again.

Want the formal shenanigans about your dietitian?


My name is Mary-Catherine, and I’m a registered dietitian aka registered dietitian nutritionist. I earned my Bachelor of Science in Nutritional Sciences at TCU, graduating summa cum laude from the Coordinated Program in Dietetics. I then went on to earn my Master of Public Health at Boston University School of Public Health, where I had dual concentrations in 1) Community Assessment, Program Design, Implementation and Evaluation and 2) Maternal and Child Health. In my practice, I offer virtual and in-person counseling for clients with eating and health concerns. I am a firm believer in health from the inside out and focusing more on confidence and energy level than the number on the scale. I also offer the Busy Babes Confidence Camp, an intensive 8-week program that can take what you learn in this mini course to the next level!

Still not sure if this is for you?

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