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Meal Plans

Taking the stress and time suck out of finding recipes

and making grocery lists! 

All meal plans are completely personalized to YOU, your goals and preferences. Below is a description of the base meal plan with optional add-on's.

Read below or take this quiz to find out which meal plan is right for you 

Mexican Meal

Personalized meal plans are customized to your health goals, medical conditions, and taste preferences. Meal plans can be scaled to feed the whole family!

Take the guesswork out of eating, but also have access to smart swap options and restaurant items that stay within your goals! You get recipes, grocery lists, and optional delivery where available. Optional logging unlocks personalized insights and track progress.

Meal plans are available a la carte or as add-on to nutrition coaching.

Need some accountability on the side of that plan?!

Accountability sessions are available weekly, biweekly, and monthly. During these sessions, we will talk about what's working and what needs to be modified. At this time, we can make changes to your plan and talk about your goals between now and the next accountability check-in! Sessions are conducted by phone or video chat. 

Figure out the meal plan package that works best for you.

Cutting Bread

Wanting help strategizing prep for the week?

When getting you started with a plan, I ask you how many days of leftovers you'd like. The reality is - not all of us meal prep, and that's totally okay!


To save you time in the kitchen, I will provide weekly guidance on items to prep ahead (for example: washing and cutting those peppers that will go into Wednesday's bento box lunch!). This not only saves you time but takes out the guesswork of daily food preparation. After all, we have to preserve that mental energy

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