Tired of yo yo dieting and hating your body?

Learn the Balanced Babe Method to understand exactly how to make the healthiest choices and regain love and confidence in your body!

What You Need to Know

  • No matter what your body has been through, it deserves love and respect.

  • Life is not meant to be lived worrying and obsessing about foods 24/7.

  • Your relationship with food doesn’t have to be this way.

  • You can want your cake and eat it, too – without the guilt and shame.

  • Food shouldn’t dominate your life like this.

  • You CAN have the power to make choices about food while feeling calm, free, and at ease.


Learn the no-fail method for eating any food you want without guilt!


Learn simple ways to gradually build your body love and confidence so you can stop fighting your mind and closet!


Throughout the 8 weeks, you'll have unlimited access to a registered dietitian who will mentor and motivate you.


Once you've nailed the nutrition and body love, you'll have the opportunity to work with a personal wardrobe stylist to find clothes that work for your figure!

When I came across a post about someone looking for guidance in the nutrition field, Mary-Catherine was there right away to offer something that spoke straight to my soul. She wasn’t selling her services or pushing anything.. she shared her genuine passion for wanting to help someone find a healthy relationship with themselves.


I reached out to her because I felt a connection right away. I’ve spent thousands of dollars/hours towards “fads, diets, pills, programs, and on people/products that just look at you as money in their pockets.” But what I found with her was the answer to something I’ve searched for my whole life and I didn’t even know it.


I felt pulled to tell her my entire back end with what I’ve tried, how I feel, what I struggle with, and where I wish I was. She listened, never pushed, but she saw me. Heard me. Understood and wanted nothing more than to just heal the brokenness I had with my entire view on food and my body.


I never thought that a nutrition program would dig deeper into the issue, rather than surface level “food plans, calories, and weight check ins.”


I was challenged. She help me get to the root of how I viewed myself instead of listening to the toxicity of the world & get this, even family!


At the age of 8, I’ve damaged my body and my self image. Mary-Catherine gave me an honest view and a healthy life. I’m now 31 and fully recovered from Eating Disorders and toxic thoughts and negative self talk.


Each week’s lesson was more than just “homework.” It gave me LIFE. I now speak love to myself with affirmations and spend time on daily gratitude. I eat when I’m hungry and I don’t if I’m not. I don’t obsess over numbers of calories or the scale. I literally love me and if I miss a day, I give grace and keep going.


This is more than a diet or nutrition program.. this is a new beginning and a second chance at life ♥️

- Jacquelyn, Confidence Camp Graduate

Details of the Busy Babes Confidence Camp

1 one-hour kickoff call

8 weeks of video modules covering topics from meal planning to stress management, physical activity, and sustainable habit creation

Interactive "homework" assignments

Weekly 30 minute check-in's 

Pre- and post-boudoir shoot for local participants 

Unlimited 24/7 access to registered dietitian via HIPAA-compliant app

Plus free gifts & incentives as you progress through the program!

...And more!